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Another win for Barcelona placed them alone at the top of the league with 12 points from four games. Barcelona beating Levante isn’t a surprise at all, neither is it a surprise that they managed to score five goals, but from the look of it, Luis Enrique is getting the best out of Messi in a new role.

When Luis Enrique was coaching Roma, he pushed Totti to the middle and allowed him to be the focus of the team’s creativity, Francesco was the star in many ways as he assisted team-mates and created plays, during that season Totti wasn’t able to score as many goals as he would have liked but he was still the team’s hero thanks to his inspiring role in the middle. Nowadays, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is playing a similar role under the same coach. Luis Enrique preferred to give Neymar the role of scoring goals…

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Menez: Milan’s Hopes


About Inzaghi and the Rejuvenated Milan

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After Filippo Inzaghi was appointed as Milan’s head coach for the current season, he quickly moved in to secure players who could fulfill is vision of an attacking styled Milan. He flew to Ibiza and met with former Roma forward Jeremy Menez and convinced him to return to Serie A and join Milan. Inzaghi was in talks with Menez even before being appointed as Milan’s head coach, this shows how important Menez is to Inzaghi’s project. The Frenchman can offer a lot in attack for the Rossoneri.

Jeremy is a talented player who on his day can dribble past any defender in the world and beat the goalkeeper but his problem at Roma was his inconsistency. He always showed flashes of the talent he possessed on games, he was the single hero for Roma and on others he faded away. At Paris Saint-Germain things weren’t different. He was given little…

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Qatar and Russia World Cup Hosting Rights Update

Ever since Russia and Qatar were granted the rights to host World Cup 2018 and 2022, the world went mad. Now, it is another moment of truth when a new decision might see the light and change the shape of the future.

The Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 World Cups might be moved away from one, or both, or none of the nations. The endless speculations and rumors will end soon.

We shall know some real and solid answers post the third-quarter FIFA executive committee meeting on 26 September 2014 in Zurich.

This meeting will review the status and progress in the two hosting countries and will have its recommendations in the shape of affirmative decisions.

No one is excited more than the haters of both countries and more than the English media who has been living off the endless news and rumors about Qatar.

For the records, it is good to remind everyone that Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup ahead of Spain-Portugal and Belgium-Netherlands joint bids and England, while Qatar overcame competition from Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States to be named as 2022 hosts.

Let us wait and see rather than just listening to rumors and ‘credible’ sources.

Sheikha Moza with the World Cup trophy


Manchester City FC Launch Latest Coaching Sessions For Young Players In The UAE

The new sessions are open to boys and girls between the ages of five to 18 years’ old wishing to learn the skills of their Manchester City FC heroes

Manchester City FC manager Manuel Pellegrini and star midfielder Samir Nasri have spoken of their pride in seeing the club help develop young players in the UAE.

It comes as the new season of the City Football School at Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi gets underway.

Boys and girls can sign up now for the coaching sessions which start at the end of August at the indoor arena before going out onto the pitches once the weather cools.

City manager Pellegrini, who took the team to the league title last season, said: “The importance of coaching starts at a young age and it is great the way these players in Abu Dhabi, both boys and girls, are being taught in the right way.
“What we must do as a club is make sure the same methods are used by everyone and it is not just important what happens on the pitch but also what happens off it.
“Manchester City is now a global team and that strikes me when I see what is happening in Abu Dhabi with the young player coaching – it’s very satisfying.”

City Football Schools in the UAE teach young players the same techniques taught at the club – from the first team stars to the youth teams. MANCHESTER CITY FC LAUNCH LATEST COACHING SESSIONS FOR YOUNG PLAYERS IN THE UAE

Hundreds of players have been taught at Zayed Sports City in the last three seasons with the football school growing all the time with new coaches added along with improved training sessions.
Midfielder Nasri added: “Football is very much about passion and I see that with the young players and fans in Abu Dhabi.
“The game has always been popular in the Middle East but I really see that the new emerging players are taking the standards higher and it is only going to get better from here.”

For all information on City Football Schools e-mail or visit the CityStore in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.



*NOTE: This post is part of the PR efforts of MCFC in UAE

NIKE New Football Application

NIKE LAUNCHES NEW FOOTBALL APP: The best of Nike Football — and a route into the professional game — in your pocket.

Whether it is news, banter, products info, shopping, exclusive stuff, or getting into the Nike Academy, you have to download the NIKE Football mobile application to get all.

I am already falling in love more and more with NIKE’s football products and this is a must have application.

“This is Nike Football in your pocket.  The app will allow members of the Nike Football community to be the first to access the latest product, stories and event experiences. It’ll be the only way to earn a spot in the Nike Academy and earn your way to the highest level of the game.”

Here is the full description of the application: Read HERE

You can download it:

For iOS (iPhone and Co.): Download HERE

For Android: Download HERE


Questions About the Future of Argentina Football National Team After Brasil 2014

Alejandro Sabella stepped down as head of Argentina National Team after achieving the second place in Brasil 2014. With his departure, the team he assembled will exist no more.

Yet, will the spirit and the defensive mentality that he created live on?
Will the new manager – supposedly Tata Martino – build on the legacy created by Sabella?
Will the next manager force a complete makeover or just a face lift?
And most importantly: Who will continue to represent Argentina from the current squad and until the next World Cup in Russia 2018?

Many key figures are already in their late 20’s and adding 4 years to the age of those players, we will end up with many squad members in their early 30’s. The most prominent name in this case is Lionel Messi who will be celebrating his 31st birthday in 2018.

Many current players will surely be fit for Argentina’s next big challenge: Copa America – Chile 2015 (from 11 June – 4 July 2015).

And hence, the next manager should depend on them before he decides on one of the three options he has:
1- Build on the legacy of Sabella
2- Complete makeover
3- Face lift and enhancements

Whatever happens next, the big question is:

Who will keep on representing Argentina from the current squad members?

My next post may hold some expectations, but I may postpone it until the next manager’s name is announced.

On a final remark, and since Sabella’s resignation is not official yet, and in case he stayed as head coach, then it is normal to face him with the same questions above while adding one more aspect to his tactics: Have some balls.

questions about the future of argentina


Attempts to Empathize with Messi and Argentina in the World Cup

The World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany is now another game that will haunt me forever.

Argentina had better chances – or actually gifts from the German defenders – to score, but it was exactly what Gary Lineker said one day: “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”

Looking back at how Argentina performed throughout the tournament, it was a joy for the eye.

Well, if you were expecting the best forward players in the world to score 10 goals a game, then you were surely disappointed. Argentina played beautiful defence, whether you liked it or not. Before Sabella existed, Argentina never knew how to defend. Sabella did the best thing to ensure this squad makes it to the semi-finals – at least – for the first time in 24 years. He created a defensive system that I haven’t seen anything like it when it comes to the Argentina National Team. He knew his team’s weaknesses and worked hard to turn them into strength. Sabella succeeded in doing so, and showed extraordinary skills crafting the system he played with during the tournament.

However, while paying extra attention to the defence – which, again, was the only way to make it to the semi-finals – Sabella undermined the super attack he had and disengaged the midfield from the front line. He only depended on Messi to do what Messi wanted to do. Messi in return, scored half the team’s goals and created many others. He sacrificed himself for the team and always had 2 or 3 defenders from the opposition trying to take him down. He did not sit in the attack and waited for balls that will never reach him but rather sat deep in the second third of the pitch and created something out of nothing. He may have disappeared in the semi-final match, and in the second half of the final match, too, but he was instrumental why Argentina reached a World Cup Final for the first time in 24 years.

Brazil Soccer WCup Argentina Bosnia

The “disappearance” of Messi resulted in anger by the fans when he was handed the tournament’s best player. I was the first to slaughter Messi and refute the choice, but I was wrong to an extent. I forgot the golden rule that humans should not make statements or take action when under any kind of extreme emotional influence.

To be fair with Messi we should list the following:

  • Messi was over pressurized by media, fans, and everyone to win the World Cup on his own. He was asked to be a god.
  • Comparisons with Maradona were the only thing he ever heard; to the extent he forgot his own name.
  • Muscular burnout and fatigue were obvious to the eye but we decided to overlook them. He was vomiting all over the pitch, in the Final, while we were criticizing him.
  • Without Messi’s goals, Argentina would have earned only 2 points in the Group Stage and left the competition early. That’s how Argentina is weak, even though the opponents were mediocre teams at that stage.
  • Messi was given the role of the leader and he only accepted it so as not to be faced with treason. He never led a squad by his spirit or presence and always depended on his performance and goals to gain popularity.
  • Aguero, Higuain, and some others did not play well, but were not criticized as heavily as was Messi.
  • Sabella chose Gago to sit in the playmaker role, and both failed miserably, while Pastore and some other names could have done a better and much needed job.
  • Lavezzi played a great first half against Germany, but it will remain unknown why he was subbed off at halftime.

Messi was made the scapegoat when Argentina failed to win the Final. Fact is: If Argentina won, no one would even care about the physical and mental state of Messi.

lionel messi after the world cup final loss to germany

I am disappointed that Argentina did not win, and sort of confused if I should celebrate the best tournament achievement in 24 years or retreat in tears.

But what I am sure of is that I am worried about Messi. Is Messi’s body failing him? Is he mentally obsessed with stuff we do not know? Is he stuffed with titles and trophies that he doesn’t have anything to play for anymore? Did he lose passion for the ball? He needs to be checked by a psychologist, physiotherapist, and every possible doctor alive.

Between 2008 and 2014, Messi gave us some mesmerizing football. We should be thankful for that. For the better of the game, and for our own benefit, let us hope that he gives us at least four more years of extraordinary displays and plenty of goals.

World Cup Final – Brasil 2014: Argentina VS Germany

If you are looking for the extremely tactical analysis of the World Cup Final match, then please try to Google that.

Here, I am writing for you and me and for every fan about the waiting game before kickoff. We all have some thoughts before any match, and these thoughts are too overwhelming especially if it is a World Cup Final match.

For Argentina, this is the first final in 24 years, and players know that it will take them 24 more years to reach another Final. It is going to be played on their archrival’s home land and this is a thing they never dreamed of. It will be a chance to avenge the 2010 humiliating quarter-finals loss against the same opponent (and the 2006 feature, too). It is the game when Diego Maradona’s 1990 demons will finally rest in peace. It is one game that will put their names next to the best in the history of football. It is when Messi will be closer to the throne of Maradona.

Germany on the other hand, will play the second final in four tournaments, and the first since they gave away the 2002 one to Brazil. They are well equipped, more organized, and tactically diversified, as opposed to Argentina. They already got the acknowledgment and recognition for being one of the best teams, but they want to add the cherry on top: The Title. Players have nothing to prove against an opponent they already humbled four years ago, but it will be ‘lovely’ if they win it. They know they can reach another final or at least a semi-finals stage again in 4 years because they are really good and over confident. Winning 7-1 will be a source of motivation for them to win teh final as they want to prove it was not merely luck that helped them trash the host nation.

The best player in the tournament will be with no doubt picked up from the two finalists. It might be a 2002 repeat for the Germans when their keeper was on the losing side but got picked up as the tournament’s best. A failure for Messi will always haunt him, more than others, as he will not be voted the best in this cup or in history.

I wish I could have said: May the best win…

If I never post again on this blog, then it means I died out of extreme grief…


Maradona Singing: Brasil, Decime Que Se Siete!

Adding salt to the wound, the legendary Maradona joined the crowds. Maradona was seen from inside the World Cup’s International Broadcast Center in Rio de Janeiro celebrating Brazil’s loss with the staff of an Argentine television network. He was singing the now famous “Brasil, Decime Que Se Siente” but changed the word ‘siente’ with ‘siete’ to indicate number 7 and point out the 1-7 loss of Brazil.


Maradona Brasil Decime Que Se Siete


Enjoy the video!


Argentina Song For the World Cup: Brasil Decime Que Se Siente

If you have been following the World Cup in Brasil 2014, you surely couldn’t miss the one song that is repeated and heard everywhere by everyone.

The song is titled: Brasil Decime Que Se Siente.


Brasil Decime Que Se Siente

It is set to the tune of “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival — and predicts not just triumph for Argentina, but deep humiliation for Brazil. And the players themselves have joined the choir [Check this video from the locker room of Argentina after the win over Belgium >>> HERE].

The same song and tune have been around for some years, but the lyrics are altered to fit the occasion of the World Cup – Brazil 2014. The words focus on Argentina’s celebration on Brazilian ground, with reference to four main things: 1- Brazilian humiliation at home by Argentinians 2- The goal that Claudio Cannigia scored in the World Cup – Italy 1990, against Brazil [check HERE] 3- Messi winning the World Cup in Brazil 4- Maradona is greater than Pele.

The lyrics of the song in English are sort of not structured (you can blame Google Translate for that), but here they are in a way or another:


Brazil, tell me how it feels

Having your Daddy here at home

I swear after all these years

We are never going to forget

That Diego slipped it by 

To Cani who banged it home

You have been crying since Italy

Messi with no doubt

Will bring the Cup to us

Maradona is greater than Pele!

The Spanish words for the song are almost the following [You can download a clean version HERE]:


Brasil, decime qué se siente
tener en casa a tu papá…
Te juro que aunque pasen los años
nunca nos vamos a olvidar…
Que el Diego te gambeteó
que Cani te vacunó
que estás llorando desde Italia hasta hoy

A Messi lo vas a ver
la Copa nos va a traer
Maradona es más grande que Pelé…


Enjoy the song… Enjoy the atmosphere… Enjoy the videos below from everywhere…






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