I Fear Mourinho

It was just after the fifth goal when the camera spotted Guardiola’s justified anxiety.  It was humbleness that I saw from Messi when he scored the seventh goal for the team, and his personal hat-trick. But when the result became 8-0 the crowds, the fans and the spectators worldwide wanted a double figure result of no less than 10-0; and thank God that didn’t happen. Towards the end of the game, I decided I will not be watching the next La Liga game featuring Mourinho’s armada, as I had a feeling I will wake up in the morning to see “Mr. Clear” with a hat-trick, too. Guess what? I was right.

The above might look irrelevant and of no importance until you look at it as the build up for one of the most famous “Derby Games” in the world; El Clásico (That will be played on an odd Monday, November 29, 2010 – 20:00 GMT).

The stakes are high this time, higher than earlier encounters at least, but the game is not the end of the world. Everyone is looking forward a memorable night, so let’s note the following:

1-      Messi has already scored 13 goals in 10 games, but what was Villa doing scoring no goals in an 8-0 win?

2-      Mourinho does not lose at home, and Nou Camp was his ground

3-      Puyol and Pique were humiliated against Portugal and were replaced

4-      The 8-0 euphoria is misleading, this is not an Almeria game

5-      Mourinho was the person who taught the world how to isolate Messi and stop him

6-      Real Madrid has a substitution bench, Barcelona doesn’t

7-      Barcelona are travelling on Wednesday while Real Madrid has an extra day off

8-      Real Madrid has not lost a game in the 10-11 season, yet, in any competition

9-      Ronaldo never scored against Barcelona in a Real jersey

10-   Barcelona’s results this season are better away from home

For Barcelona to win the game, Guardiola’s anxiety is key. He needs to be preparing for the match watching last year’s encounters against Mourinho’s Inter. For Barcelona to triumph, Messi needs to deliver a moment of magic to finally kill the demon Mourinho put in him.

It is one of those few games where I believe a team will be facing a coach; not just another coach but “The Special One.”

The Special Ones

  • Ozzy

    Barca will win 4-0
    and what villa did was more important than just scoring goals.
    The score is will be 3-0 between the two halves
    Mourinho is no more special than del nieri with bit more luck.

  • http://michcafe.blogspot.com Mich

    Not just “The Special One,” the “Unique One.” What a great post. Can’t wait for the game now! :-)

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  • taha

    if maradona is chearing for real so will i

  • http://www.suddenly-2.blogspot.com LaSahely

    looove the article, details that i didnt think about! HALAAAAA MADRIIIIIID

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