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Who is better than Diego to make the headlines? El Pibe de Oro is always and forever will be the media crush. You can make good money throwing rumors involving his name. His latest news comes in the shape of a new row with the never wanting to resign Grondona. Here is the story and these are the LNFR of today:

  1. Grondona still cannot get over the fact of Maradona’s early addictions. An addict would not have hired another one; right? Get a life!

    El Diego
  2. Messi wants either Iniesta or Xavi to win the coveted Ballon d’Or. He knows it’s their one chance. Diego says modesty is for the weak but charity is good.
  3. Marouane Chamakh says his role model is Didier Drogba. Wenger should start teaching sex education at his kindergarten.
  4. The person Liverpool needs to keep an eye on against Blackpool is Howard Webb. Enough said; Google his revelations.
  5. Mario Balotelli thinks he is the world’s second after Messi. Listen to the chants un-super Mario, you are not even 100 places behind, yet.
  6. Van der Sar may retire at the end of the season, or at least that’s what Sir Alex said. I always wanted the news to come the other way round.

    Sir Alex Ferguson
    Serving the "Red Devils" since 1986 (image source: BBC Sport)
  7. David Silva thinks the Premier League is more entertaining. So true now he can enjoy a taste of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s seats.
  8. Didier Deschamps is an emerging candidate to head Liverpool. Let’s hope he brings Brandão with him when that happens so no one would walk alone.
  9. Andy Gray, a former Villan, believes that Messi will “struggle in a cold night at the Britiannia Stadium.” Don’t you love fortunetelling? Stoke City in a Champions League game? WoW!
  10. Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick yet again; two of a kind in one month for memories to remain forever. Now he can say that 2010 was a great year.
  11. David Beckham is pondering a move. I can see a USA to Qatar one is in the horizon. Let’s hope he survives till 2022.

    David Beckham
    When the bids are lost, join the winning bidders - #Qatar2022
  • http://emiliehasrouty.blogspot.com Emilie Hasrouty

    Gossip! I love… over a beer, better. With you? Great!

  • taha

    grodona was always an A-hole . He should be removed from his position. Then we will see a better argentine football.
    Maradona = GOD of football

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