LNFR – While There Are No Games

If you were heading to Dubai and you had in mind catching up with Ronaldinho and his colleagues training, well you are late. The Brazilian took off this morning and went to negotiate a probable move back to the land of festivals and partying. At least he will find his pace there in a night club or in the streets, whichever suits him.

  1. Remember Arrigo Sacchi? The guy who was saved by Roberto Baggio in 1994? He just felt obliged to suck up to Zlatan because the latter is playing with Milan.
  2. Leonardo is set for a bumpy ride. The day he takes the reign at Inter, people started talking about Mourinho coming back. Let’s at least see him coaching so he would earn his cosmic salary.
  3. Cesc Fabregas is Mourinho’s newest piece of interest. I believe he learned a lot from Moratti on “How to tease arch rivals and pick on their nerves.”

    Cesc Fabregas
    A prank? A sign? A reality? Or a dream?
  4. Arsene Wenger gift for Poland in 2011: Manuel Almunia is allowed to leave in January.
  5. Julio Baptista has moved to Malaga. At the 18th place a couple more “beasts” might be needed.
  6. Gerard Houllier firmly believes that Downing and Ashley Young are staying. One word: Milner.
  7. Carles Puyol might miss up to three games because of injury. Aren’t those the times when you would miss Chygrynskiy?
  8. Roy Hodgson may be on the verge of being replaced. Glen Johnson will escort him to the main gate so he would not walk alone.
  9. Sir Alex believes he doesn’t need any new signings. I knew that Michael Owen will be back in time to save the bank.

    Michael Owen
    OH! Is he still injury prone?

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