Ballon d’Or and More

I never thought that the Ballon d’Or or the FIFA Best Player of the year award will be one day a topic I would discuss or a thing I would be interested to catch up with. Let’s face it: It is a fake prize, though prestigious, presented to the player with the better affiliation with the Blatterian, earlier the Havelangean, bureaucracy. However, this year, the story was different. The whole world, including the winner himself, aka Lionel Messi, knew that the winner should be Xavi Hernandez. At the age of 30, Xavi, or El Maestro, has provided more assists and passes than the whole English Premier League teams have ever done in three consecutive seasons. His 360 ball control ability is unprecedented to the extent that it turns the most straight men on earth on. On top of that he is the winner of the World Cup, a fact that always provided the nominees for the award with the cutting edge. So why didn’t Xavi win it?

Xavi is too modest and this is never an aspect of the winner; with the exception of Roberto Baggio in 1993. Some will argue that Messi is modest too and that I am forgetting that he comes from the land of Diego Maradona. I will keep that in mind for another day to discuss or you can read a little about my point of view in an earlier post here. Moreover, the sign of redemption that FIFA wanted to send to the football universe says: Sorry Argentinians that we never picked up your greatest before, here we are redeeming ourselves and choosing Messi for the next 10 years.

2 consecutive awards

“… I didn’t expect it because everyone had been talking so much about Xavi and Andres.”

I will keep myself wondering and the excuses for the decision open for discussion and move on to the football ranting material as it seems that no one cares and Blatter always wins.

  1. Milan vs. Udinese was labeled the match of the season. Anyone who remembers my match of the decade? (Hint: Milan vs. Lazio – October 1999)
  2. Cristina with a hattrick and now at 62 goals out of 63 games, the questions are: Does Mourinho need his striker? Is Benzema learning?
  3. Rumors say that Torres is contacted by Juventus. If that happens I see a van Basten in Black and White.
  4. Mancini believes that the other teams have the experience his team lacks. I want to hear what Sheikh Mansour has to say.

    Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan
    Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan - Attack is the best way to defend
  5. Saudi Arabia with a déjà vu of the Asian Cup 2000: Lose the first game, kick out the coach, call upon Nasser Al Johar for the rescue; and the legend continues, when history repeats itself.
  6. Edin Džeko states that Manchester City “… were my first choice and only choice.” No comment.
  7. The moment Pele advises Ronaldinho to play for Gremio, Ronaldinho joined Flamengo; the smartest play from Ronaldinho in ages.
  8. 7 goals conceded in 2 consecutive matches, and they are still buying strikers. Juventus is the new Manchester City.
  9. Chelsea finally scored the 7 goals, against a coach-less Ipswich Town, and the win doesn’t entitle them for the three points needed to surge them back into the Premier League race.

    Roy Keane
    My ex-employers had blue jerseys too. I can be your Ancelotti, no?
  10. van Bommel is rumored to join Milan. Well, at the age of 33 he surely fits the profile for the retirement house.
  11. Diego Maradona is visiting England soon for a possible “Current” Premier League job. Now we know the secret behind the picture below.

    Diego at Oxford
    The diploma read: "Master Inspirer of Oxford Dreamers" - Now it reads: Studied at England to coach the English.
  • walid

    All the best. Keep on posting, I like the way you describe the incidents ,your humbleness in accepting facts… I respect your logical point toward xavi , plus choosing messi because they are redeeming themselves for they didn’t pickup maradona. But, we shall not forget to give messi the right to be chosen, I didn’t see any evaluation for him whether positive or negative.

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