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On December 15, 2010, I asked if anyone is shopping for prospect talents suggesting the name of Marcos Rojo (link to post here – check the #LNFR of the same date). Two parties answered; Spartak Moscow and Sergio Batista. The latter made me proud because Argentina needs new blood especially in the back four and at the defensive flanks level. The question that imposes itself now is: Will he be worth the chance offered or will he become another Cavenaghi story?

Moving on, it seems that Mourinho’s stay at that white team of Spain is coming to an end. It is not only the results, although he just won 7-0, but the revelation of a stabbing attempt which he narrowly escaped a week ago. I would have understood the reasons behind any possible stabbing for any other coach but why him? God forbids, why not Benitez? Well, let’s say he is too special and the world of his current club is full of mercenaries.

  1. Kolo Toure has been suspended from playing after testing positive for some substance. Some say one Toure is enough at the City.
  2. Guardiola was wary about the Gunners’ encounter. He is proving to be a great manager once again because he was right.
  3. Ryan Giggs extended his stay for one more year with the Red Devils when Gary Neville retired. Respect.
  4. Pele is pessimistic about his country’s ability to host the 2014 World Cup. Brazilian People: Rejoice!
  5. Jack Wilshere was happy to get the jerseys of Messi and Xavi post the game. Actually it was Cesc Fàbregas who got them for him.

    Jack Wilshere with his dad
    Like Father Like Son
  6. “Some of the things he used to do you couldn’t even dream about. It was absurd.” Gianfranco Zola: You give me one more reason to love you because he who believes in Diego Maradona he who stands high.
  7. Jose Mourinho was not happy with the way Deportivo La Coruna pushed his team to a goalless draw. Two words: Respect Catenaccio.
  8. With or without Torres, Liverpool are still “hammered”
  9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he is the best player in the world. Maldini says he can compare van Basten to Ibra. I say: I care no more.
  10. Birmingham defeated Arsenal for the Carling Cup Trophy in a stadium full of Barcelona supporters.
  11. Paolo Maldini played Tennis for a change. Whatever his sports is he will always be a legend.

    Paolo Maldini
    Tennis, Curling, Basketball, etc... you're always a legend (via Ali Mohammed - @alahlawy29)

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