El Clasico – Part V: Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected: A cliché, lame, and might be misguiding, but it is what I am looking forward on May 03. Barcelona and Real Madrid are meeting for the fourth time this year and the fifth in the 2010/2011 season. This might be their last battle for now, but the war will never end. On the contrary, the war has become more severe where casualties are leaving the pitch to visit the treatment rooms and warm the stadium seats.

The two teams met in the Santiago Bernabéu for the first-leg of the Champions League Semi-Final, and the result was in the favor of the Catalan Giants. Barcelona won 2-0; thanks to a Messi brace. Controversy and hostility were the main highlights of the match, add to them a moment of brilliance by the little Argentine. The result means that Barcelona has almost booked their ticket for the Wembley Stadium Final on May 28, 2011, but in football there are no certainties.

The two teams will meet in the Camp Nou on Tuesday, May 03, 2011, for the second-leg of the Champions League Semi-Final, where football will be treated for a match to remember. Many expect a dull game but I, again, expect the unexpected. I am not the Pelé of predictions, so I will predict nothing, and I will share my scattered thoughts on what happened and what they will mean this upcoming El Clasico.

  1. 31 yellow cards and 5 red cards in 4 games – plus Mourinho’s red card: A true battle is ahead
  2. A 2-0 lead is good but not secure: Remember Milan 2005?
  3. Only two teams in the history of the Champions league recovered from a home loss to qualify: Are Real Madrid that strong?
  4. Maxwell, Adriano, Khedira, Ramos, Bojan, Carvalho, Pepe, Iniesta, Pinto, and maybe Puyol again and Messi, will all miss the match: Who will replace such big names?
  5. Afellay created an assist: He deserves a place in the starting eleven
  6. Messi scored his goal number 11 in the Champions League: He is close to equalizing Ruud van Nistelrooy’s 12 goals in one campaign, but will he outshine everyone again to beat José Altafini’s 14 goals?
  7.  Mourinho lost his secret weapon when Pepe was sent off: Does he have a new surprise up his sleeves?
  8. Barcelona do not know how to sit back and defend: Will they risk a 2-0 lead though?
  9. Attack is what Real Madrid should do: Will this expose them to a new 5-0 humiliation?
  10. Kaka didn’t play: Will he make Cristina shine?
  11. Mourinho cannot be on the pitch: Does it mean that the opposition will be at ease? And Cameramen will be less busy?
  12. Sergi Roberto was fielded in his first El Clasico ever: Can he be Xavi’s right hand?
Captain Tsubasa - Captain Majed
Captain Tsubasa, aka Captain Majed, might be the only secret weapon that Mourinho holds
Many more thoughts are storming in my head, and once I manage to figure them through, I will update this post with.

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