Copa America 2011 – Argentina

You thought it was a footballess period? Have you heard of Copa America? Well, I know it is not everyone’s favorite tournament but it will do the work while awaiting the football season to start.

Here is the deal: Argentina is hosting it and needs the boost post the Maradona era. Sergio Batista gathered a 23 man and is decided to pull back Argentina to the international glory stage. He chose every Argentinean player the media wanted and is betting his life on winning the title.

History says that Argentina is the most decorated team of the tournament (co-jointly with Uruguay) with a total of 14 trophies and 12 runners up finishes. Still, the last time Argentina reached the final is not to be forgotten: 0-3 loss against the eternal rivals Brazil.

The tournament will kick off in less than 24 hours and you better set your alarm clocks for early morning football action.

p.s. The full Argentina squad names can be found here: and the full schedule of the tournament can be found here:

Tangolero; the official mascot of the 2011 Copa America

Tangolero; the official mascot of the 2011 Copa America

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