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When I passed by Edwin van der Sar I freaked out, then I stood still. I couldn’t ask him for a photo, too, as I was bemused by how tall he is. I am not a short figure but height is not my best trait. Height can be a blessing but it is not the main feature of a football player. I come from a culture where tall people were asked to play basketball before their skills were checked.

Vanja Iveša
Vanja Iveša, is a Croatian football goalkeeper, who stands at 6 feet and 9 inches (208 centimeters)

In football, height is not everything, and some of the shortest players are the best in history (check some of the best here). However, we encounter some footballers who had good careers despite their height. This post will list some of the tallest players I recall. They might not be the best ever, and there might be taller ones, so I would appreciate any extra information or any possible correction.





  • http://www.thefootballsupernova.com The Football Supernova

    Haha! When did you pass Van Der Sar? I’m a shorty as well, so I know the feeling. Though, I usually feel that anyways, as the majority of people I hang around with are monsters.

    Or at least they seem that way! The few times I’ve crossed paths with Footballers, they’ve seemed HUGE. Except Scholesy :D. Made me love him more.

  • http://figo29.wordpress.com figo29

    It was Edgar Davids who did not make me feel short, yet I did not talk to him or approached him!

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