FC Barcelona – AC Milan: Rants for the Champions League

It felt like watching a game at Camp Nou on a bad pitch: Milan vs Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals first leg was a game to disappoint for the fans of both teams and to teach many lessons for the coaches of both. The return leg will be played on the real Camp Nou on Thuesday, April 03, 2012, at 18:45 GMT (22:45 Dubai Time). Here are my rants about the game and the next encounter of the two giants:

  • Nesta proved he is the last real defender on planet earth. Those who feared the absence of that Brazilian defender should name their grandchildren “Nesta”.
  •  Antonini should be checked for steroids intake. He was unreal for once.
  • Puyol is Barcelona’s defence. Pique is not his heir.
  • Mascherano is a beast; brainless at times, but a great tactical player.

Bored already talking about defences? Barcelona couldn’t manage a goal in international competitions for the first time in over two years and a half. Worrying? Not that much actually, especially when playing against 9 defenders for more than 75 minutes.

Guardiola reaction
Guardiola: "What is this sh*t? How many defenders do they have?"
  • Mourinho should finally accept that UNICEF was not in the referee’s dictionary in San Siro.
  • Guardiola and the world should honor Arsene Wenger for his comments about the pitch of the San Siro earlier this year. The amount of tripping over and slips witnessed is something not to ignore.
  • Robinho should not feature again for Milan if they want to reach the next stage.
  • Without Abidal, it is better to play with 3 defenders.
  • Allegri knows his best chance is a penalty-shootout decider.
  • Barcelona should play Tello from start. The kid has fast feet.
  • Goals will come, and it will not be good to be a Milan fan on that night. Messi will score, at least twice.
  • NIKE should produce less elastic kits. Pulling a player’s jersey should mean a foul in the referee’s books.
  • Iniesta is better when part of the holy trinity in the midfield: Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta.

If Barcelona manages a qualification, the press will not be impressed. However, if Milan manages that, the tabloids will talk about: Crisis in Barcelona, Guardiola leaving, Messi overrated, Zlatan for Ballon D’Or, and Mourinho’s psychological effect on refereeing.

  • Abed Loutfi

    Emanuelson probably ruined Milan’s most promising individual offensive aside from tripping around a couple of times. a point worth mentioning.

    • http://figo29.wordpress.com figo29

      True. Good point.

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