Andres Iniesta Wedding

Since football is slow at the moment, here is a treat for you: The Andres Iniesta Wedding. Andres Iniesta and Anna Ortiz got married on July 8, 2012, at the castle of Tamarit in Tarragona, Spain. Lionel Messi, Iker Casillas, Xavi Hernandez and Samuel Eto’o were among the guests. Below is a video from the wedding ceremony and here is a link for more than 40 photos. (Obviously, my favorite will be Daniella Semaan with Cesc Fabregas, not for the love of Cesc but for the … of Daniella)

Daniella Semaan and Cesc Fabregas - Iniesta Wedding
The wedding is all about Iniesta, but I chose Daniella Semaan


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