Lebanon VS Qatar – 14 November 2012

This is Lebanon VS HISTORY. This is the game where a win will mean a real chance to compete for a qualification spot for Brazil 2014.

I will keep things simple and put the math first, so that no one would panic in case of a loss:

  1. A win against Qatar will put Lebanon on equal terms with Korea Republic = 80% chance of going to World Cup 2014
  2. A draw will keep Lebanon at the bottom of the group = 40% chance of going to World Cup 2014
  3. A loss will change nothing = 20% chance of making it to World Cup 2014

Once the game against Qatar is done, Lebanon will need to look at Iran vs Uzbekistan result. Whatever Lebanon achieves out of the game today, it is necessary to support Uzbekistan for a win. (nothing political here, just football equations, where a draw can be just ok)

Here is a message from Lebanon’s goalkeeper Ziad Al Samad to support the team – Game kicks off at 14:45 GMT (16:45 Beirut Time – 17:45 Qatar Time – 18:45 Dubai Time) – Use #GoLebanon on Twitter for your support

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