Dubai Indoor Football Championship by Dubai Sports World

Mendieta, Karembeu, Kluivert, Aldair and Couto are some of the names participating in the tournament.

It seems I have been living in a bubble and missing out on all the football action in Dubai. The event that will take place from 2 – 6 July 2013 is not the first of a kind. There were previous similar tournaments or matches this year or the last but I did not get the memo.

The stars that will be present in this tournament are not the best in the history of modern football, but they represent part of this history. You may not call any ‘a legend’ but every player in this tournament had his moment or 15 minutes of fame or well dwelled upon career with the corresponding club or national team.

I guess I will not miss any match
I guess I will not miss any match

The tournament is called “Dubai Indoor Football Championship” and it is part of the Dubai Sports World events and tagged as “Masters and Legends – Up Close and Powerful”. Here are the details:

  • Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Date and Schedule: From 2 – 6 July, 2013, daily, according to the schedule on this LINK
  • Teams: FC Barcelona – Real Madrid – FC Porto – AS Roma – Moroccan Stars – Emirati Stars – Algerian Stars – Egyptian Stars
  • Participating Names: Check some of the stars on this LINK

I wanted to lead a campaign through the social media networks available to get any of the sponsors of the event (or influencers/organizers) noticing my presence and giving me the chance to meet all or most of the stars. However, I decided not to do so for many reasons.

I will not lose hope that I will meet one or many of the stars, and I will do the sane thing this time and buy my tickets for all the matches and days of the tournament HERE.

If any of these organizations wanted to make me meet the stars, I will not say no
If any of these organizations wanted to make me meet the stars, I will not say no

Oh, and on a side note, I hold one piece of information (not an exclusive one or a secret though) on how to meet some of the names in Dubai. If you wanted to hear about it, all you have to do is following me on my Twitter account here and ask me.

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