PUMA FC: The Football Community Challenges for Fans

Join Cesc Fàbregas, Sergio Agüero, Marco Reus, Gianluigi Buffon in one team.

Puma launched a new virtual football community, the ‘PUMA Football Club’. On the new platform www.pumafootballclub.com.

The community is based on a really simple and creative website, where the football challenges are mouth watering if compared to other games/challenges online. The reason? They are simple and real, with a promise of getting in touch with the stars or getting items signed by them.

I have taken up some of the challenges and already regret missing out on the one that Aguero will judge: Football Poster. The challenge was mainly about submitting a personal football related shot on the site, and Aguero will choose his favorite to hang in one of his rooms at home.

PUMA FC Players
PUMA FC Players


What makes the initiative so special is that the most innovative ideas will be rewarded with mind blowing prizes that money can’t buy. And this is not a hoax. As a football fanatic I would live to tell my grand children that Aguero has photo of me, rather than living to tell them I won a new car.

The world might be busy with other brands but Puma has a special place with me personally, as it reminds me of Maradona’s golden days.

On the commercial part of the site, and in addition to the challenges, prizes and player access, the new platform gives football fans the chance to experience the latest PUMA products and be the first to find out about boot and kit introductions.

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