Football is the game of controversy, spontaneity, and passions. There is no right way to support a team over another and there is no such a thing called ‘The Right Team For Everyone’.

Many have abused football in recent years and led to making it a racial farce, a money laundry business, a tech war, or even a political and religious battlefield.

We have drifted away from the true meaning of football as a beautiful game; a game that is larger than life itself. We are killing that innate feeling of emotionally attaching ourselves to a ball swerving our existence.

To top it all, we are destroying a culture and a creed. We are looking at football as a programmed set of computations and expecting the result to count up to our false ambitions.

The team I love and support have only won one cup in 27 years. Does it make a fool out of me? Does it entitle me to revolt and destroy the same team and everything related to it? Does it make others right when cheering for the foes? The answer is: Hell no! It only means that football has grown unto me to become a way of life that I cherish.

Pass the essence of football to your kids and keep the hostility away from their learning. Introduce them to the culture of football before teaching them the rules of the game and the daring moves on the pitch.

Life is football, abuse it by enjoying living it.

Life Is Football

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