My Mourinho Confessions Are the Special Ones

I was among those who joined the Mourinho bandwagon post his Porto Champions League and upon taking charge of Chelsea. It became an eternal curse that diluted my real reasons why I love Chelsea, and I was also tagged a ‘glory hunter’. No matter how hard I tried to explain that I loved Chelsea when Pierluigi Casiraghi, Gullit, Vialli, and the old gang members were players (and coaches) at the club, I always ended up failing at explaining my old passion for this club.

When Mourinho failed at the European stage with the London based club and moved to Inter Milan, I rejuvenated my relation with following the Serie A and threw my bets right and left that he will win the Champions League in 2010.

I had no regrets at that era but I was becoming more of a blind Mourinho lover. Sad? Maybe not at that time.

The sudden change came my way when the once ‘Special One’ joined Real Madrid. The Spanish press highlighted him in a way that beats the English press by thousands of years. They showed the unethical conduct of Mourinho the coach, his dirty tactics, his on and off pitch antics, and the odd ways he manages the players. The Spanish press played the major role of making me realize he is not a special man, but a hardworking man who knew how to promote himself.

Surprising? Yes, it is. It was surprising for me too to understand the ‘Mourinho Mentality’ at last. I lost my respect for him as a man and felt awkwardly dumb among my friends trying to apologize for my blindness.

The end of Mourinho’s era in Spain and the reunion with Chelsea hit me again down the dark tunnel. I believed he will lead a new revolution and he will be the ‘Special One’ again. However, with the progress of the season I started hating the fact that he might win the Premier League title (which he still can at least mathematically) because Chelsea did not play football. Chelsea looked in a bad shape but I started blaming the quality of the players they have. I even wrote about how by next season the team will be in a great shape when Mourinho picks up his own soldiers and gets rid of the deadbeat. I went far in my support to Mourinho saying he can win but this Chelsea cannot.

And then… Simeone and his Atletico Madrid slapped me on the face and I was forced to wake up!

The Champions League semi-finals exit at the hand of Atletico Madrid was the best thing that has ever happened in my relation with Chelsea and Mourinho.

Away from the weird tactics (where you field 20 defenders for a game you need to win at home) that Mourinho chose to utilize, Mourinho proved to be clueless when facing a real ‘team’.

Looking back at everything I sad, and every Mourinho moment, press conference, statement, excuse, performance, title, achievement, and life, I feel I owe many an apology.

I ask myself for forgiveness for being on an emotional rollercoaster in the Mourinho affair.

I may regret this one day (but I am almost sure I will not): Mourinho is not special and he is not even worth the hype around him.


  • Wissam

    Apology accepted Bro!

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