Types of FIFA World Cup Fans In Lebanon

One of the recent blog posts that provoked me – in a good sense – is the one published by NAJIB on BlogBaladi.

It is a really must read (original post here) because it prepares you for what is coming your way while watching the World Cup – Brasil 2014, in Lebanon.

I thought that many of the points listed in the article can be true describing football fans around the region, and not only in Lebanon. I was also triggered to add a couple more types to the original list.

Here are Najib’s original points (the first 8 – with some modifications) and mine are added towards the end:

  1. The loyal fan: He loves and plays football, he’s been cheering for the same team for years and will never change sides.
  2. The hardcore fan: He’s pretty much like the loyal fan but his team is always right no matter what they do. Watching the games with these fans is not always fun.
  3. The undecided fan: He has the Italian, German and Brazilian flag on his car and is cheering for all 3 teams.
  4. Girls who support Italy: Taking aside those who are loyal fans, they support Italy just because the players are cute.
  5. Guys who support Italy: Taking aside those who are loyal fans, there are guys who support Italy just because a lot of girls do.
  6. Portugal fans: Because Cristiano Ronaldo is on the team.
  7. Underdog teams fans: They are either Lebanese born or living in these countries or have no favorite team and just like picking underdog teams.
  8. The fan who likes “el le3eb el 7elo”: He doesn’t want to support any team and just likes to watch games.
  9. Glory Hunters: Similar to number 8, but in a more annoying way. They support whoever is winning and getting the results, while claiming they have been supporting them before the inception of mankind.
  10. Philosophical fans: Mr. and Mrs. “there is more to life than football.” These fans have a hobby of repeating the same annoying line every time a match is on: “What is the benefit of wasting your time watching some men running behind a ball?”
  11.  The Wannabe Encyclopedia: These fans have two best friends; Google and Wikipedia. They insist on bringing them along to every match and showcasing their skills working with them to the general audience.
  12. The Pundits and Coaches: This is my favorite type. It is a fact that we all wish to be in any manager’s shoes at any given moment in time, but we all know that there are limits to our wishes. These fans do not believe in any limit, and their grandmothers are always better strikers and goalkeepers than who ever is playing.


Well, the above are just our observations and are derived from some of our personal environment and experiences. Do you agree on any? Do you have any more to add? Are you one of the above?


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  • R2D2

    There’s the one that will alway root for the opposing team you’re rooting for.

    • http://figo29.wordpress.com figo29

      Thanks! A spot-on category indeed!

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