How Work Productivity Will Be Affected During the World Cup

Since the World Cup is happening in Brazil, the timezone adjustment will affect millions around the world. Where I am staying, the earliest game will start at 20:00 and some games will be kicking off at 2:00 am. There is no doubt that productivity during the World Cup will see a downfall; especially that by the time the Group Stage is over Ramadan will start.

Here are some notes anticipating how it will look like in any work place:

  • No one will show up on time. Most employees will report late to work.
  • Personal leave requests will increase in numbers.
  • Sick leaves will be the thing to trend.
  • Discussions around the matches will be the popular time wasting tool.
  • Football sites will become the number one bookmarked and visited on each employee’s computer.
  • No task will be accomplished on time; and if it was then it will not be as good as expected (and may contain the FIFA watermark somewhere).
  • Arguments and hatred and new alliances will be noticed.
  • Resignations may increase because many will start to believe in themselves and decide to pursue a career as pundits or coaches.

Obviously, there are million more remarks that will be noted, and i would love to hear your personal experiences when the tournament kicks off.

Late for work


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