World Cup Predictions – Brazil 2014

I will be your Nostradamus again, and share my initial thoughts on the whole tournament.

  • World Cup 2014 Winner:

Brazil should do it – They have the home advantage – and experienced manager – and no European team won on South American soil before – Argentina (as much as I want them to win) are destined to flop.

  • Top Scorer of Brazil 2014 (Golden Boot):

Fred of Brazil may enjoy a good run in the group stage – same applies to Messi – and Benzema has two easy games to shine at

  • Best Player:

A certain Neymar and a specific Messi and a shining Ronaldo own the media to get it.

  • Best Keeper:

Casillas – Buffon – Courtois; a tight competition but cannot find a fourth better nominee

  • Young Player:

Hazard – Pogba – Sterling

  • Shocks and Stories:

Spain to choke in the quarter finals – Italy to flop and may not go beyond group stage – Belgium to be the Colombia of 1994 (although they have an easy group) – Dark Horse is a tight race and there will be no surprise name in the final four – Messi will do surprisingly good but not good enough – Ronaldo will not shine – Suarez will not shine – Samba dancers will be more interesting than England’s style of play, but a repeat of the 1990 English heroics is possible (a final four place is too possible)


What are your predictions for the WORLD CUP?

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