Brazil VS Germany: World Cup 2014 Semi-Finals Quick Thoughts

The Clash of Titans!

It’s the match between the biggest two names in world football.

Shocking enough, Brazil and Germany only met once in the history of World Cup tournaments.

My only memory of that match is Oliver Kahn and his two mistakes that led to the two goals scored by Ronaldo.

The previous encounter was in a World Cup final and this time it’s in a semi-finals stage. The two occasions are too big and just pay tribute to two big teams.

Brazil at this stage are the favorites because they’re the host nation. But that’s not enough. They are missing Neymar and Thiago Silva, while the Germans are fully equipped and have the dream of avenging the 2002 catastrophe.

Let’s hope we see a match worth the names of the two teams.

As a neutral, there’s one extra wish: Klose to surpass Ronaldo’s record.


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