David Luiz: NIKE’s Emotional Video for the World Cup

Hold on a second! Hold your horses! Before hating this blog or ridiculing this post or even the player, remember: LIFE IS FOOTBALL.

Well, David Luiz may not be the most loved player on planet Earth at the moment, but his promotional video produced by NIKE sums a lot about football, and yes, it is worth sharing.

NIKE released “DAVID LUIZ: THE BLOOD IN MY VEINS RUNS YELLOW AND GREEN” and it is a new that film highlights the passion and pride of Ladislau, father of David Luiz.

David Luiz NIKE AD

The beauty in this movie is it that it touches the dreams of every person and the pride of representing the National Team in a World Cup tournament.

In short, Ladislau Marinho was a footballer in Belo Horizonte who had a dream of playing for Brasil. Marinho never realized that dream – his son did.

His son is David Luiz…



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