Questions About the Future of Argentina Football National Team After Brasil 2014

Alejandro Sabella stepped down as head of Argentina National Team after achieving the second place in Brasil 2014. With his departure, the team he assembled will exist no more.

Yet, will the spirit and the defensive mentality that he created live on?
Will the new manager – supposedly Tata Martino – build on the legacy created by Sabella?
Will the next manager force a complete makeover or just a face lift?
And most importantly: Who will continue to represent Argentina from the current squad and until the next World Cup in Russia 2018?

Many key figures are already in their late 20’s and adding 4 years to the age of those players, we will end up with many squad members in their early 30’s. The most prominent name in this case is Lionel Messi who will be celebrating his 31st birthday in 2018.

Many current players will surely be fit for Argentina’s next big challenge: Copa America – Chile 2015 (from 11 June – 4 July 2015).

And hence, the next manager should depend on them before he decides on one of the three options he has:
1- Build on the legacy of Sabella
2- Complete makeover
3- Face lift and enhancements

Whatever happens next, the big question is:

Who will keep on representing Argentina from the current squad members?

My next post may hold some expectations, but I may postpone it until the next manager’s name is announced.

On a final remark, and since Sabella’s resignation is not official yet, and in case he stayed as head coach, then it is normal to face him with the same questions above while adding one more aspect to his tactics: Have some balls.

questions about the future of argentina


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