A Drunken Maradona Is Still A Maradona

A video went viral online showing Diego Maradona, sort of drunk, at home, attempting an attack on his fiance Rocio Oliva.

Regardless of the incident and why it happened and how it ended, here are the main talking points:

  1. Who shot the video? And why?
  2. Who leaked the video? And why?
  3. Will it end the relation between the couple?
  4. Will it affect Maradona’s next professional step? (like, really?)
  5. Will Maradona chase the responsible parties?

Whatever Maradona does, he will always be a Maradona. He has done worse and better stuff, and he will never change.

I am only curious to know if he will be back any time soon to the United Arab Emirates and specifically Dubai, to assume any role, or continue his current one as Dubai’s Sports Ambassador, and whether he will take part in shooting Season 2 of The Victorious.


She recorded the video, right?
She recorded the video, right?

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