Maradona Falls Asleep in Official Ceremony

Imagine the following:

A President of a country, invites you as a guest of honor, and praises you in front of the whole world, and by the time he says your name, you are caught falling asleep on camera!

Well, it is embarrassing for anyone but Maradona!

Nicolás Maduro, the President of Venezuela, had a formal ceremony and a speech to deliver. Among the guest of honor whom he invited, was Diego Maradona.

The moment President Maduro was describing Maradona as a rebel and as a fighter and a legend, cameras turned to the Argentine legend, but he was sort of sleeping. It took a poke from the person behind him for Maradona to realize he is the man of the second and to stand up and salute the crowds.

A legend…


Blame it on jet lag... from Dubai to Venezuela...
Blame it on jet lag… from Dubai to Venezuela…

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