European Super League to Replace Champions League

England’s five biggest clubs held secret talks about a new European Super League. [as reported by The SUN]

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool all met with American billionaire Stephen Ross, who is the owner of the Miami Dolphins and brains behind the International Champions Cup (ICC).

Details about how such a league will be set and how it relates to the ICC are yet to be known.

However, such a plan, driven by money, more revenue, and greed, will be one step toward killing the current European Champions League, and disturbing the entire football map across the world (and not only Europe). Its impact will be bigger than holding a World Cup in the winter.

Whether such a competition sees the light, or talks about it will be used to pressure UEFA for a new Champions League allocation and scheme, it is a shame that such a thing is happening. Americans play ‘soccer’ to start with. Trying to win more TV viewers and earn more revenue should not start with overtaking what started in the 90’s with the current Champions League and Premier League. It will only have a bad impact on both.

Whoever is seeking change, is actually bringing the game to its feet. If you really want change or see a need for it, there are other ways to enforce it.

And hey, one bad season for the top clubs in England, and missing out on the Champions League’s revenues next year, is not good enough for such a breakthrough. It is actually an opportunity to get change starting from within each club.

American billionaire Stephen Ross holding an EGG
American billionaire Stephen Ross holding an EGG


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