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Longest Football Match in the History of Football

Dubai to host a non-stop football match over 36 hours to commemorate UAE’s 43rd National Day celebrations.

Dubai has come up with yet another first by organizing the longest football match in the history of football. The Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has teamed up with Mondial Company to organize the event as part of the activities held in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for the National Day celebrations.

The match will take place at the Dubai Police Officers Club. It will kick-off at 9:00 am on 28 November 2014, and the final whistle will be blown at 9:00 pm on 29 November, 2014.

This unique venture will bring together 1,620 players from across the UAE, including former national team stars, junior players from clubs, players representing various nationalities living in the country along with a representative side of juniors from Saudi Arabia’s Al Etifaq Club led by its president, Abdul Aziz Al Dossary..

Once it is over, it should make it to the Guinness World Records as the longest football match in history.

36 hours of non-stop football in Dubai!

36 hours of non-stop football in Dubai!

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The Other ‘Hand of god’ by Maradona

Well, you can never get enough of Maradona news, and his hands that are full of surprises.

Diego Maradona’s personal life and relation with Rocio Oliva has been recently under the spotlight for a multitude of reasons.

From alleged attempts of beating her, to singing in public for her, and now ‘fingering her’.

That's 'right hand' for you

That’s ‘right hand’ for you

There is no shame in seeing someone enjoying his sex life with his teammate, but the shame is for those who are making a fuss about every kiss or ‘sentimental’ or intimate moment Diego Maradona is spending, even in private, with Rocio Oliva.

When did swimming become a crime?

When did swimming become a crime?

In other unimportant news, Maradona must pay the legal expenses of Shanghai Shenhua team coach Sergio Batista for alleging he took bribes from national players, an Argentine court has ruled. The ruling by a criminal court in the Argentinean capital, Buenos Aires, called for Maradona to pay Batista’s legal team 39,000 pesos (about 4,600 dollars).

Doesn't she wish he used the 'hand of god' itself?

Doesn’t she wish he used the ‘hand of god’ itself?

COPA AMERICA Chile 2015 Groups

The 2015 Copa America, will be the 44th edition of the Copa América, and will be held in Chile from 11 June 2015 – 4 July 2015.

The groups were determined by a draw on Monday, 25 November 2014.

The results were:

  • Group A: Chile – Mexico – Ecuador – Bolivia
  • Group B: Argentina – Uruguay – Paraguay – Jamaica 
  • Group C: Brasil – Colombia – Peru – Venezuela

groups copa america 2015


The first match will see Chile entertaining Ecuador, while the final will be played on 4 July 2015 in Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos, Santiago de Chile.



تعقيباً على تعليقات رياض قبيسي في موضوع برشلونة

لا أعرف مِن رياض قبيسي سوى إسمه الذي يتردد على مسمعي عند محاولاتي المتكررة لمتابعة القنوات التلفزيونية اللبنانية. و لم “أغوغل” انتماءاته الرياضية ربما لأنني لا أعرفه. و لكن استوقفني ما كتبه عن برشلونة و ميسي٠

اللوم يقع على إحدى المعارف “الفيسبوكية” التي و بتفاعلها مع ما كتب تسببت بإظهار كلماته على حسابي. و هو ليس لوماً بمعنى سلبي بل لوم إيجابي لأنه تسبب باستفزازي كروياً (أما لغويا، فكتاباتي باللغة العربية ليست أحسن ما أملك)٠

فإلى رياض٠٠٠

إسمح لي بالتعقيب على الذي كتبته و ضعه في خانة التعليق و ليس الاتهام أو التمجيد و من ثم افعل به ما شئت٠

 لقد أوردت اسم ريكارد مع كوكبة النجوم الذين ذكرتهم، و هو لم يكن يوما بلاعب في الفريق. و إن قصدته مدربا فلربما كان من الأفضل فصله عنهم بسبب اختلاف الفترات الزمنية٠

 لويس انريكي اللاعب حقق نجاحات مع برشلونة (بغض النظر عن رأيي فيه كلاعب متواضع الإمكانيات) أكثر مما حقق مع ريال مدريد و معظمها في أولى سنواته مع الفريق. فكيف كان فألاً سيئاً؟

 لو كانت الجماهير هي سبب متابعتك لبرشلونة لم تكن لتذكر ما ذكرت من أسماء. فكيف لك بتطليق فريق بسبب بعض النفوس الضعيفة؟

 من يجحد بتشافي لا يفقه من الكرة شكلها فكيف تعطي لرأيه قيمة؟

 من أدخل برشلونة في النفق المظلم وهرطق في برشلونة في تلك الحقبة، هو نفسه من يحاول ترميم مانشستر يونايتد، و ليس انريكي من يلام على ذلك٠

 بعد فشل انريكي في روما كان تعيينه مع برشلونة خطأ حتى هذه اللحظة، و فتى الكنتاكي لا يتحمل وحده مسؤولية حالة الفريق المتهلهلة٠

 في اعترافك بأن “الموضوع ليس تشكيكا بقدرات الرجل” ناقضت ما كتبته عنه بعد ذلك٠

هذا ما قرأت في سطورك و هذا ما سوّلت لي نفسي بقوله و عذراً على التطفل٠

Riad Kobaissi

عندما تختزل كرة القدم بأسماء

التعليق لكم: أحد أكبر المواقع العالمية يحدد قوائم البحث بحفنة من الأسماء ليسجل إضافة جديدة على عملية غسيل الأدمغة الممنهجة٠٠٠


كرة القدم أكبر من هذه الأسماء مجتمعة

كرة القدم أكبر من هذه الأسماء مجتمعة

FIFA WORLD CUP – Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 Are a ‘GO’

Ending the endless talks about whether the next two World Cup tournaments will be held in Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022, FIFA has come to a conclusion: Nothing is wrong and they will be hosted as planned.

The investigatory chamber and the adjudicatory chamber and the independent Ethics Committee and Hercules and Zeus and the farmer in lala-land have looked into the matter and concluded: Long Live Sepp Blatter.

Now let us all go back to our normal life and see how we will prepare to attend Russia 2018 while leaving the wives behind, at home.

football ethics


Because Only Maradona Can Pull a Maradona

Some days ago, the world went crazy after seeing Maradona’s alleged attempt to hit his girlfriend (wife, ex-fiance, love, etc.) Rocio Oliva.

The relation between Diego and what’s her face has just taken another U-turn when they attended a product launch in Dubai. She was sitting next to him (that’s her in the photo, right?), when Maradona decided to start singing for her. [VIDEO HERE]

Case closed!


I can love you and hit you and kiss you and sing for you and I am still the same Maradona

I can love you and hit you and kiss you and sing for you and I am still the same Maradona

For the records, the incident answers most of the questions I had here, and for the records too, Maradona and Rocio Oliva have broken up and reunited several times during the course of their relationship, and the couple were even engaged for a short time before breaking it off.


Tevez: Worthy of The ’10’


Tevez is already Juventus’ new Del Piero…

Originally posted on Fly-Footers: Pilots of The Game:

There could have been no better way for Juventus’ fans to Celebrate Alessandro Del Piero’s 40th birthday than thrashing Parma 7-0. Carlos Tevez was able to score twice and assist a third before leaving the pitch after only 60 minutes of play.  One of his goals was a Maradona-style one as he skipped past Parma’s players before putting the ball in the back of the net. The Argentine, in his second season at the club has become so important for the club that without him they would probably be out of the Champions League and trailing behind Roma in Serie A.

Four braces and two other goals scored on two different occasions have put Tevez at the top of Serie A’s goal-scoring chart. Moreover, the Argentine has set-up four of Juventus’ goals, all this in just 14 appearances for his club this season between the domestic league and the…

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Maradona’s 54th Birthday

Happy Birthday Diego Armando Maradona… Eternal Legend…


Russia 2018 World Cup Emblem Revealed in Moscow

In 3 years and 8 months, Russia 2018 World Cup will kick off.

A major milestone en route to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia was reached during the unveiling of the tournament’s official emblem* in Moscow.

The unveiling was done in an exotic way. Three astronauts at the Russian space station revealed the hotly-anticipated new World Cup Emblem from their space capsule and subsequently the visual icon for the 2018 World Cup in Russia was brought into the television studio to rapturous applause. The launch was simultaneously complemented by a huge light projection on the historic Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

* In case you were wondering if you have seen the logo somewhere, you can check this article: Russia 2018: where have we seen that logo before?


Unveiling in space

Unveiling in space




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