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Tevez: Worthy of The ’10’


Tevez is already Juventus’ new Del Piero…

Originally posted on Fly-Footers: Pilots of The Game:

There could have been no better way for Juventus’ fans to Celebrate Alessandro Del Piero’s 40th birthday than thrashing Parma 7-0. Carlos Tevez was able to score twice and assist a third before leaving the pitch after only 60 minutes of play.  One of his goals was a Maradona-style one as he skipped past Parma’s players before putting the ball in the back of the net. The Argentine, in his second season at the club has become so important for the club that without him they would probably be out of the Champions League and trailing behind Roma in Serie A.

Four braces and two other goals scored on two different occasions have put Tevez at the top of Serie A’s goal-scoring chart. Moreover, the Argentine has set-up four of Juventus’ goals, all this in just 14 appearances for his club this season between the domestic league and the…

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Lionel Messi In A New Role


Makes sense…

Originally posted on Fly-Footers: Pilots of The Game:

Another win for Barcelona placed them alone at the top of the league with 12 points from four games. Barcelona beating Levante isn’t a surprise at all, neither is it a surprise that they managed to score five goals, but from the look of it, Luis Enrique is getting the best out of Messi in a new role.

When Luis Enrique was coaching Roma, he pushed Totti to the middle and allowed him to be the focus of the team’s creativity, Francesco was the star in many ways as he assisted team-mates and created plays, during that season Totti wasn’t able to score as many goals as he would have liked but he was still the team’s hero thanks to his inspiring role in the middle. Nowadays, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is playing a similar role under the same coach. Luis Enrique preferred to give Neymar the role of scoring goals…

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Menez: Milan’s Hopes


About Inzaghi and the Rejuvenated Milan

Originally posted on Fly-Footers: Pilots of The Game:

After Filippo Inzaghi was appointed as Milan’s head coach for the current season, he quickly moved in to secure players who could fulfill is vision of an attacking styled Milan. He flew to Ibiza and met with former Roma forward Jeremy Menez and convinced him to return to Serie A and join Milan. Inzaghi was in talks with Menez even before being appointed as Milan’s head coach, this shows how important Menez is to Inzaghi’s project. The Frenchman can offer a lot in attack for the Rossoneri.

Jeremy is a talented player who on his day can dribble past any defender in the world and beat the goalkeeper but his problem at Roma was his inconsistency. He always showed flashes of the talent he possessed on games, he was the single hero for Roma and on others he faded away. At Paris Saint-Germain things weren’t different. He was given little…

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Champions League Quarter-Final Matches

The draw for the Champions League Quarter-Finals Stage has been concluded. The games will be on 2nd and 3rd, 9th and 10th of April, 2013.

Real Madrid vs Galatasaray
Malaga vs Dortmund
P$G vs Barcelona
Bayern Munich vs Juventus


Diego Maradona Partying in Dubai

I heard a lot of stories on how Maradona loves to party in Dubai. I also got an eye witness telling me about the antics of Maradona and his ways of ‘partying’. Whatever he does, he is still a human being with a good spirit and lovely attitude toward life. In any case, until other photos are allowed to be leaked, here’s the one I managed to get.


Euro 2012 Final Squad Lists

The coaches of the participating teams in the UEFA Euro 2012 competition announced their final squad lists. Reactions from the football world varied upon the announcements. Some call-ups were considered as big surprises, and so did some omissions.

You can check each 23 man squad for each team by clicking its name in the table below, but first let me share some random (and maybe trivial) thoughts about the selections:

Peter and Kasper Schmeichel

Peter and Kasper Schmeichel: Like father like son?

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Andriy Shevchenko: Milan’s present and past meet, with a last chance for the Ukraine captain to shine internationally
  • Wilfried Bouma called again to the Netherlands squad and my reaction was: WOW!
  • Fernando Torres. Enough said.
  • Phil Jagielka replaced injured Gareth Barry, because Michael Carrick will not accept to be a benchwarmer.
  • Cacau and Yoan Gourcuff are maybe two surprise omissions from Germany and France squads respectively.
  • Kasper Schmeichel replaces injured Thomas Sørensen: A 1992 drama again? Like father like son?
Czech Republic Greece Poland Russia
Denmark Germany Netherlands Portugal
Croatia Italy Republic of Ireland Spain
England France Sweden Ukraine

So, what do you think of the selections? What was the biggest surprise?

euro 2012 trophy and logo

Messi’s Goal as demonstrated in the Time Magazine

Fans and pundits debate long and hard over which is Messi’s best goal ever. This one, scored on April 18, 2007, against Getafe in the semifinal of the Spanish Copa del Rey, is always a contender.

I bought the Time Magazine that was released on February 06, 2012, and scanned the diagram that demonstrates this historical goal. [click on image to enlarge]

Messi's goal

Messi's wonder goal against Getafe in 2007

RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs; you were the Maradona of your industry.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs; 1955 - 2011

Diego Maradona in Dubai – Atlantis Hotel Ramadan Tent

Ramadan in Dubai brings a lot of pleasant surprises. If it happened that you were having your Iftar in Atlantis Hotel, and specifically in the Asateer Tent, on Friday, August 12, 2011, you could have been one of the lucky people who were joined by no other than Diego Maradona.

Here are some of the pictures posted by friends and acquaintances who were that lucky.

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 01

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 01

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 02

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 02

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 03

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 03

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 04

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 04

Diego Maradona Having Iftar - 05

Nothing better than a sheesha after Iftar

Credits of photos: @KAlFahim posted on and a friend from her facebook album


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